Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Ribbed Cozy


Knitting another ribbed cozy for me mobile. In chocolate color like the last knitted cable cozy. Just love using the magic loop, bought some new circ kneedles, 4mm 80cm, cause already have projects on the other ones.

Casted on 40 and knitted one round and up to 2nd round of 2x2 rib. The pattern is simple, 2x2 ribbing all around until the size of iPhone, but make sure place the iphone into the cover, cause will stretch and you will need to do more rounds..Once completed the length do a three kneedle bindoff technique. This size is excellent for me mobile.....bought more yarn for cables and ribbing....purples, greens, blues.

I cannot wait have few ideas for a cable pillow case, one side purple the other green. I also bought soft acrylic yarn in light purple to make a cabled scarf.....hmmmmm this should keep me busy as well as other many UFO.

cioa for now.... :)

Finished Knitted 2nd Cable Cozy

Hi All

Just finished the second knitted cabled mobile phone cozy and tada here and behold the.....

Chocolate Cabled iPhone Cozy (project in Ravelry "MonikaCrochets")

and the back

Love to bits reminds of milk chocolate.....but I would recommend making cables in light solid colors....I will have to try a lighter color project maybe...only takes a few hours.

anyways cya for now

Work in Progress

Hi ya all

Work in progress is to learn to crochet and knit cables. I have already made one crocheted and one knitted cover for my mobile phone in white and purple. Now I am working on another knitted cabled cozy in variegated yarn in mix of browns. All of these so far are my own patterns.

On previous post is the first white crochet cable cozy and first knitted cabled cozy in purple. Both are in my projects section in Ravelry under the name "MonikaCrochets".

Well for now I am plotting along with my second knitted cabled cozy almost done.

I would also like to mention Liat from, she is the one teaching me to be a Knitting Superstar and the one that has taught me to knit cables, which I was scared of making, they look hard and intimidating and I found them to be easy and very likeable and enjoyable to knit and also crochet.

Please visit Liat at KnitFreedom she has many video tutorials on knitting and how to become a knitting superstar. From the basics to the complex of stitches and tips, tricks and correcting ones knitting mistakes.

I have found her to be the best teacher of knitting in both Continental and American style knitting.

For now cya soon.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Hi Ya....& Welcome

This blog will be about my crochet and knitting projects....

Welcome and enjoy coming back for patterns and pictures.

cya for now
MonikaCrochets.......& Knits