Monday, January 16, 2012

New Cozy's

Hi all...sorry for the long pause....just tinkering on some knitting projects and completing couple of UFO's....

Well here is the two cozy's that have been on kneedles for a first two at a time on magic loop project.

Two YouTube Videos
two at a time limitless cast on and magic loop both by Liat from Knitfreedom latest post on /top-5-stretches-for-knitting-pain-relief

One is a mix blue 2x2 ribbing and the other a seed stitch in orange brown mix.....cast on 4mm 80cm circ kneedles with a two at a time limitless cast on....ribb cast on 40 and seed sts cast on 30....and off we go...a bit tricky at first i think i did the cast on twice...once the first rounds were done and the patterns established it was easy on magic loop.....

They are both completed now...and here are results.....

The blue ribbing one was done first so i had to take the seed stitch one off...not sure if there was another way without adding another round to the ribbing....made couple of decreases on the ends and used a one size smaller third needle for a invisible seam using the 3 needle bindoff technique..with the ribbing pattern there is an issue with the top fanning out a i posted a help out on the knitfreedom ravelry forum and got some tips.....block the cozy.....decrease the ends.....the smaller size third needle was my idea and was suggested that is a good idea too.....not a fan of blocking so i decreased and went down one size..... was much much better but i think i could have decreased a couple of more...will try on next ribbing cozy, love making them especially in mix/varigated yarn.....

I frogged this reversible cable scarf....pattern is on ravelry as a free download..'Reversible Cable Scarf' by Nettie Knits Designs.

I like the look of this one....uses knit stitches to make the cables reversible and love the look inbetween the cables.....looks neater with smaller needles.

.i paused for a while and forgot where i was and continued from the 1st row and it all come out wrong...i did couple of rows....i could not be bothered ripping back so i frogged the whole project and started with the same pattern, printing it out this time and using 3.75mm needles instead of 5mm and looks better already...much neater....and less wider by 1/2 an inch...i like this much better, i have marked where i am happy knitting cables on shall we goooooo...... :)

I also frogged this one is the pattern Palindrome
A Reversible Cable Scarf.....uses knit and purls for the cable to make it reversible and is quick to work up.

ok anyways i think is all for today.....
back soon to talk about new cable neck warmer in the round my own pattern all in purple....


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Green Apple Done!


I am on Twitter as "monrose2020'
On Ravelry as "MonikaCrochets"

Anyways.....finished the green apple cozy

and making progress on the Palindrome A Reversible Cable Scarf

I am finding this pattern works up pretty quick, you k2p2 for few rows then do a row of cables...liking so far...and is reversible as well and in my fav color purple and is soft as well....

ok that is all for now
happy crochet and knitting

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Project on the Needles

Hi Ya...guess what...yeap another cable project.....

This time a beautiful purple 3 cable knitted scarf with the pattern called Palindrome A Reversible Cable Scarf

Love the look and in my favorite color too light purple soft yarn by Panda Magnum Soft 8ply and knitted with 4mm straight kneedles. Yay I have made a start and I am up to row 6. I have also included this as one of my projects in Ravelry "MonikaCrochets".

Anyways here is a pic of what I have so far....this cable is over 8 stitches (C8F) and using k2p2 ribbing.

Very cool now I have made one repeat now onto the second cable..looking shapely already.

Here is progress on the green apple cable cozy.....

Also here is my collection of cozy's for the iphone already, some crochet and knitted...there maybe some others should see my nokian95 collection way more than this...slowly catching up!!!! All done in the round no seams!!!Just love making them that way, easier and better looking!!!

and the very white crochet cable pouch...was experimenting at the time for a cable in the round...just need to turn it into something......

Well I think i better continue knitting for now cya

Another Cable Cozy


Here the green of the apple cable cozy, I have finally started. A small variation on the chocolate cable cozy.

Here is the pic so far....

Knitting with 4mm 80cm (31.5" plenty length for magic loop small project) circ needles. Moda Vera Marvel Plain 8ply acrylic in green. Bottom first a 1x1 ribbing followed by 3 knitted rounds and next the first cable.

ok very cool...plotting along....happily....cooler day here down under about 24 deg cel compared to 40 deg cel last couple of days.....i can knit with comfort.

cya for now :) enjoy your day

Monday, January 2, 2012

Done! On the Chocolate Ribbing Cozy

G'day all

TaDa.....finished the Chocolate Ribbing Cozy....finally....but hay t'was the celebrations of the New Year 2012.

I think couple of stitches down would have been better, but this is fine for the cast on of 40 for 2x2 ribbing in the round on magic loop 4mm 80cm circ kneedles and a three kneedle bindoff. I am in love with Magic Loop...way too good :-)

Well anyways here is the pik.....the color is a bit off, should be like the chocolate cable cozy, pic further down

Stretched with the iphone inside front

and this is the back

What ya think .....I will put this one in Ravelry under the Ribbing Cozy for iPhone (in pinks, is the same pattern but different color, "MonikaCrochets")

Well on that note I am starting another cable iphone cozy 3 in the in a beautiful green apple.
Not sure will turn out, but thinking 3x2 ribbing top and bottom, a C4B (leaning towards the right), and maybe one purl stitch on either side of the cable and the rest knit stitch. Thus cable in front and stockinette on the back. This is another modified version of the chocolate cable cozy but in one green solid color so the cable stands out......I have casted on 32 and about to join in the round on magic loop....

Here is a pic of the chocolate cable iphone cozy....looks good to me... ;-)

ok folks, tis 40 cel here down under....and I keep to look at another crochet cable in purple....but for now i am in love with magic loop knitting :)

cya for now and enjoy your day/night where ever you are in this beautiful world of ours