Monday, January 2, 2012

Done! On the Chocolate Ribbing Cozy

G'day all

TaDa.....finished the Chocolate Ribbing Cozy....finally....but hay t'was the celebrations of the New Year 2012.

I think couple of stitches down would have been better, but this is fine for the cast on of 40 for 2x2 ribbing in the round on magic loop 4mm 80cm circ kneedles and a three kneedle bindoff. I am in love with Magic Loop...way too good :-)

Well anyways here is the pik.....the color is a bit off, should be like the chocolate cable cozy, pic further down

Stretched with the iphone inside front

and this is the back

What ya think .....I will put this one in Ravelry under the Ribbing Cozy for iPhone (in pinks, is the same pattern but different color, "MonikaCrochets")

Well on that note I am starting another cable iphone cozy 3 in the in a beautiful green apple.
Not sure will turn out, but thinking 3x2 ribbing top and bottom, a C4B (leaning towards the right), and maybe one purl stitch on either side of the cable and the rest knit stitch. Thus cable in front and stockinette on the back. This is another modified version of the chocolate cable cozy but in one green solid color so the cable stands out......I have casted on 32 and about to join in the round on magic loop....

Here is a pic of the chocolate cable iphone cozy....looks good to me... ;-)

ok folks, tis 40 cel here down under....and I keep to look at another crochet cable in purple....but for now i am in love with magic loop knitting :)

cya for now and enjoy your day/night where ever you are in this beautiful world of ours

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