Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update & completion of a 2nd Overlay Mandala CAL

Update & completion of a 2nd Overlay Mandala CAL   from

  A Creative Being 

Hi.  I liked the first mandala so much that I decided to make another.

I used 4mm hook.
8ply acrylic yarn, Moda Vera and Carnival (went through me boxes of stash to find colors that would work together).  The colors I used :-  light purple,light blue,turquoise,light green,yellow,red.

Measurement :- 12"/30cm

I started on 22nd August and finished on 29th August 2012.

Here are some pictures.

Round 1-12
Round 1-12 

Round 1-22
Round 1-22 

Round 1-26. Finished
2nd mandala finished close up

 Finished Overlay Mandala
Finished 2nd Overlay Mandala no1

Blocking my two overlay mandalas...Bought this foam block from Clarke Rubber for A$7.95.  I bought another one purple. Finally I can do some blocking, especially doily's that I have finished.
looking good so far.

Well that is for now..if you want to see some more beautiful overlay mandalas, there is a Flickr Pool for this CAL.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Update & completion of an Overlay Mandala CAL

Update & completion of an Overlay Mandala CAL   from

  A Creative Being 

round 1-20

Photo: CAL end 1-20 

round 1-23

Photo: Overlay Mandala CAL round 1-23. 

round 1 -26  Finished Mandala

YApee finished the beautiful overlay the final colors.
Used 4mm hook, 8lpy acrylic yarn..
Colors : purple,light green,yellow,dark blue,light blue and orange.
These yarns were in my stash and I do not have the labels, but they are 100 acrylic.
Started on 15th August and finished on 22nd August.
Measurements : 11.5 inches/29cm

Picture below is the true colors of the mandala.....(as the lighting was different each time I took a shot.

I enjoyed crocheting this overlay mandala, was a challenge because I have not done any other project so involved with textured stitches.   When I selected these colors I was not sure how the combination would work out but the completed mandala is beautiful.

I already have some other colors lined up from my stash, just need to sift through to see if I have more quantities and better choice of colors.....

Will definitely be making another ,,,,,,,,til next time......cya.

Let me know what you think of my mandala and any suggestion of color combos in the comment section, thank you.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Update on CAL and a Holder

Update on CAL
Round 1-18
Photo: Overlay Mandala CAL progress.

If you would like to join.....
There is also a fickr pool if you would like to see others progress on the CAL.


A while back I have been into the colors of fire; yellow, orange and red.   Because I have discovered the color wheel (I have known about it for ages, just with crochet I have been making my own combinations), I am using the color combos of colors that are analogous (colors that sit next to one another on the color wheel, these colors are in harmony with one another).   Thus yellow, orange and red.

With these three colors I wanted to make a tube holder for plastic bags for the kitchen.  I started making one, crocheting in the round, a simple single crochet stitch, but where i changed color, it was not lining up....I decided to end it there, but I had a decent size for holding smaller plastic bags/pockets, like the ones you put fruits and veges in from the supermarket...  I liked the holder so much that I finished it off with pull strings on both end....filled it up with plastic pockets and now it is hanging in the kitchen.......

So....I still wanted to make a plastic bag holder....thus I thought I can crochet a flat piece and join it at the end, this will give me a better join and I can still use different colors....this is where the color wheel comes in.....the Spectrum (colors of the rainbow arranged in their natural order;  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).

A simple combo, one after the other, color of the rainbow (I used red, range, yellow, green, blue and purple)....I thought it would be great to add texture, so I decided on the popcorn stitch with three sc in between and after every lot of rainbow colors and below is the pic of what I have so loving the combination, slow process as I work on it when I feel like it and it has to be decent size to fit all those plastic bags.

The popcorn stitch, I made six dc in one stitch then a chain to close them in and three sc in between the popcorn's.   The color of them is a varigated yarn of bright colors of the rainbow fits this bag holder nicely.   The pics below do not do the holder justice, it is more bright and vibrate with colors.

I have made another pillow cover using popcorn stitch in colors of pink, this is my favorite pillow...very textured....will chat and have pictures of this one later on....soon.

ThaT IS all for now...cya

Update on CAL and a Pillow Case

Update on CAL and a Pillow Case

Overlay Mandala CAL
I have made progress and am up to round 17.  Here is a pic.
Planning to do some more tonight.

If you would like to join.....

Recently I have finished a pillow cover ..   This was suppose to be a coffee table doily, but when turning the mandala into a square, I think I did not do enough stitches and it does not look as square as I thought.

The mandala pattern comes from Alice at Crochet with Raymond

Alice also has a tutorial on how to turn a mandala into a square....Grandala Square.....this is what I followed, I counted all the stitches and made sure there were enough so the square looks like a square.....I think I boobooed matter, I love how the pillow case turned out.

That is all for now.......Happy Crochet...cya

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on Overlay Mandala CAL

Update on Overlay Mandala CAL

  I have joined a  CAL (my first one)  with   A Creative Being 

So since last post I have been plotting along, slowly, fishing for those front loops, and I have completed round 12....tis so pretty, through my eyes.   I just love the layering and the texture, wow, even hubby loves the look.  There are so many combinations of colors to be used that I cannot wait to finish this one off and start another with more subtle colors.

Ok, here is the progress picture up to round 12. (rough pic, but I did chop off the tails).

Very cool...Just a NOTE, there is a small error in rnd 11. On last line  [1sc in next 3 sts of rd 10] it should be rd 9.   Not sure if anyone came across this one.  No other issues so far, just fishing for the front loops :)

ok for now....spread the word and follow my blog, love to hear your thoughts...will be posting my projects soon.  Just enjoying this CAL for now.   

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Overlay Mandala CAL

Hello....Long time no see....lets see if I can get this blog going again.....

At the moment and recent I have joined a  CAL (my first one)  with   A Creative Being 

The pattern we are going to make is:

Overlay Mandala no.1 by CAROcreated Design
I have the pattern ready and I have chosen my colors.

I love this pattern because it is textured and colorful.  Not sure what I will do with the finished project, I am thinking either a table center piece or a pillow case.   

I am using 4mm crochet hook and 8ply acrylic yarn, thats what I love working with, thus this will give me a larger and bit more chunkier size mandala.

The colors I am using are :-  purple, light green, yellow, dark blue, light blue and orange.
The yarn is from Thoroughbred and Moda Vera.

I have started working on this last night and I have a couple of photos.
(thats when I received the pattern and I could not wait).

I am happy with the progress so far, though I do have to go fishing for the front loops on previous rounds, no worries nice and slow, easy reading of the pattern.  There are pictures and charts to follow, very helpful..  At the moment I am up to round 8. I cannot wait to move forward.....

That is all for now...I will show you another recently finished pillow cover I crocheted soon.  cya