Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update on Overlay Mandala CAL

Update on Overlay Mandala CAL

  I have joined a  CAL (my first one)  with   A Creative Being 

So since last post I have been plotting along, slowly, fishing for those front loops, and I have completed round 12....tis so pretty, through my eyes.   I just love the layering and the texture, wow, even hubby loves the look.  There are so many combinations of colors to be used that I cannot wait to finish this one off and start another with more subtle colors.

Ok, here is the progress picture up to round 12. (rough pic, but I did chop off the tails).

Very cool...Just a NOTE, there is a small error in rnd 11. On last line  [1sc in next 3 sts of rd 10] it should be rd 9.   Not sure if anyone came across this one.  No other issues so far, just fishing for the front loops :)

ok for now....spread the word and follow my blog, love to hear your thoughts...will be posting my projects soon.  Just enjoying this CAL for now.   

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