Sunday, August 19, 2012

Update on CAL and a Holder

Update on CAL
Round 1-18
Photo: Overlay Mandala CAL progress.

If you would like to join.....
There is also a fickr pool if you would like to see others progress on the CAL.


A while back I have been into the colors of fire; yellow, orange and red.   Because I have discovered the color wheel (I have known about it for ages, just with crochet I have been making my own combinations), I am using the color combos of colors that are analogous (colors that sit next to one another on the color wheel, these colors are in harmony with one another).   Thus yellow, orange and red.

With these three colors I wanted to make a tube holder for plastic bags for the kitchen.  I started making one, crocheting in the round, a simple single crochet stitch, but where i changed color, it was not lining up....I decided to end it there, but I had a decent size for holding smaller plastic bags/pockets, like the ones you put fruits and veges in from the supermarket...  I liked the holder so much that I finished it off with pull strings on both end....filled it up with plastic pockets and now it is hanging in the kitchen.......

So....I still wanted to make a plastic bag holder....thus I thought I can crochet a flat piece and join it at the end, this will give me a better join and I can still use different colors....this is where the color wheel comes in.....the Spectrum (colors of the rainbow arranged in their natural order;  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).

A simple combo, one after the other, color of the rainbow (I used red, range, yellow, green, blue and purple)....I thought it would be great to add texture, so I decided on the popcorn stitch with three sc in between and after every lot of rainbow colors and below is the pic of what I have so loving the combination, slow process as I work on it when I feel like it and it has to be decent size to fit all those plastic bags.

The popcorn stitch, I made six dc in one stitch then a chain to close them in and three sc in between the popcorn's.   The color of them is a varigated yarn of bright colors of the rainbow fits this bag holder nicely.   The pics below do not do the holder justice, it is more bright and vibrate with colors.

I have made another pillow cover using popcorn stitch in colors of pink, this is my favorite pillow...very textured....will chat and have pictures of this one later on....soon.

ThaT IS all for now...cya

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