Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Update & completion of an Overlay Mandala CAL

Update & completion of an Overlay Mandala CAL   from

  A Creative Being 

round 1-20

Photo: CAL end 1-20 

round 1-23

Photo: Overlay Mandala CAL round 1-23. 

round 1 -26  Finished Mandala

YApee finished the beautiful overlay the final colors.
Used 4mm hook, 8lpy acrylic yarn..
Colors : purple,light green,yellow,dark blue,light blue and orange.
These yarns were in my stash and I do not have the labels, but they are 100 acrylic.
Started on 15th August and finished on 22nd August.
Measurements : 11.5 inches/29cm

Picture below is the true colors of the mandala.....(as the lighting was different each time I took a shot.

I enjoyed crocheting this overlay mandala, was a challenge because I have not done any other project so involved with textured stitches.   When I selected these colors I was not sure how the combination would work out but the completed mandala is beautiful.

I already have some other colors lined up from my stash, just need to sift through to see if I have more quantities and better choice of colors.....

Will definitely be making another ,,,,,,,,til next time......cya.

Let me know what you think of my mandala and any suggestion of color combos in the comment section, thank you.

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