Sunday, August 19, 2012

Update on CAL and a Pillow Case

Update on CAL and a Pillow Case

Overlay Mandala CAL
I have made progress and am up to round 17.  Here is a pic.
Planning to do some more tonight.

If you would like to join.....

Recently I have finished a pillow cover ..   This was suppose to be a coffee table doily, but when turning the mandala into a square, I think I did not do enough stitches and it does not look as square as I thought.

The mandala pattern comes from Alice at Crochet with Raymond

Alice also has a tutorial on how to turn a mandala into a square....Grandala Square.....this is what I followed, I counted all the stitches and made sure there were enough so the square looks like a square.....I think I boobooed matter, I love how the pillow case turned out.

That is all for now.......Happy Crochet...cya

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