Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Owl Obsession Blanket


Seems like i have joined the owl obsession crowd for crocheting a blanket....I have seen this one all over the place, its like everyone is making you know i am making lots of these small for the pattern goes to Jacquie from Bunny are few that I have crochet so far, for myself and family..

Tooo cute I reckon.....anyways

Here is the some of the yarn and what I have crochet so far on the Owl Obsession blanket...pattern by Marken of the Hat & I..found on Ravelry under the name Owl Obsession..

The yarn from BigW called Sean Sheep Rockbank Port Wine (Soft and slow colour changes, gorgeous to crochet and knit, also felt)

The above is what I have crochet so far...All the bigger circles are done...Might work on the smaller circles for the squares next, they are easier...

I was thinking if the colour Spice Market would have been brighter...there was none in the BigW I went to (WaterGardens)

Hmmm..anyways I think that will do for today....if you would like to see the pic of the owl obsession from Marken of the Hat & I check out the pattern on Etsy....

Ok Bella (meaning beautiful in Italian)
ciao for now and enjoy your day

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  1. I want an Owl Obsession blanket for my little guy so bad, would you be will to make and sell to me?? I also would be interested in those cuties on your page! if so you can contact me at