Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Another Tissue Box...Love Textures

Hello Again....

Last night I finally finished the tissue box cover that has been in progress for a while...

My own take on the original pattern by Sara Al-Amri..
Here is the link to the pattern... Tailored Tissue Cover

Takes a bit of work to crochet 2 fpdc 2 bpdc.....but i love the texture and is worth while crochet up my own textures and lots of color....

The cover fits a box that holds 200 tissues (tissues from supermarket for a dollar).

Here is my first tissue box cover I made with the same pattern by Sara.
Crochet with 4mm hook and 8pl acrylic mixed yarn with blues.

Here is my second tissue box, also from Sara but this time using her second pattern...Textured Tissue Box Cover....use the same link as above to get this pattern.  I used again mixed yarn by Carnival Effects 8ply acrylic yarn with a 4mm hook....

Here is my third tissue box cover...also by Sara's example of her pattern, I created my own design going down the box.  If i can remember, i was going in back loops or something, not sure.....i also made a flower (to cover awful seam lines on top of the box). The flower design is by Lucy at is the pattern link for the flower...Crochet Flower and Leaves

Cool... hope to make more tissue boxes in the near future, with more colors and textures....

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