Saturday, March 23, 2013

A New CAL from Mandy


I have joined another CAL from Mandy's Craft Tales (on Facebook).  The pattern is on her Facebook page and CAL ends 12th April.

I have used a 4mm hook and 8pl acrylic yarn in colors of yellow, green, purple, blue, red, orange and a multicolored yarn called by me Firey (mix of yellow, red and orange).

Here is my finished mandala

There have been few entries so far and they are all beautiful in their unique way with many extending their mandalas to suit their home come and visit Mandy's Craft Tales and join in the CAL..The mandala is nice and easy to crochet up and will not take up too much of your time, the choice of hook and yarn is might even get a chance to do more then one...

Please Like Mandy's page as she has a great eye for color and many of her own crochet and other crafts to share and more CAL'S on the way....check out her recent crochet project of putting together all different stitch types in a square to make a beautiful end result and the colors are stunning. She shares the pattern of each square too, to give us ideas for our own crochet creations.

Here is what she has so far....

Fantastic, so head on over and enjoy and create your own mandala for your homes.

Enjoy your day Bella's

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  1. Just love your Mandala - so bright and cheery. I have been following Mandy's post on face book re. completed mandalas and oh my there are some beautiful ones completed. I think I just might have to join in.