Monday, March 4, 2013

More knitting on new scarf


I have been knitting a bit more on this new scarf and the colors are here to see info on this gorgeous scarf.

Finally gosh you take a photo from your phone and how do you get it on your computer...well I do not like synching to I found a way to email the photo and then download and save to the computer to upload to blogger...did ya get that...I got it now....

Anyways...these scarfs are fabulous and easy to can grab any kind of yarn..even the fluffy ones (where when you crochet you cannot see the stitches, anyways thats me)...and knit in the round..and you will always have a beautiful scarf...warm because it is a tube and doubles up...not like your flat ones when you crochet and knit ( I have done many of these too and they are great).

I will have to gather theses tube scarfs that I have knitted on this blue round loom and show you how beautiful they are.

here is the most recent tube scarf i have completed...Turquoise Scarf

Ok I will leave that at that for now.....

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