Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Progress on Octagon and Squares Afghan


Progress on the octagon and square afghan is going great almost done..

Crocheting two at a time octagons now with 5 to two on the run and three to go...

Getting excited to have it finished before the deadline of 20th March.

Sewing together should be fun I cannot wait.. Planning using a single crochet to connect and using another colour, orange or red to subdue the yellow around the octagons and squares.

You can still crochet this afghan for the giveaway, go to my other post for details..

Well there is a bummer I encounted, I ran out of one of the variegated colours, but I found the other variegated yarn which I thought I did not have....should have seen my stash room..uproar, yarn all over the place trying and wishing I would find some more.   Anyways I found very close, similar yarn to the one that I ran out of (only four octagons to do with this one).

Ran out of the variegated yarn on the left and found more of the ne next to it

This one is the closest

The one on the left is the original and the one on the right is the closest color I found

Well all the above happened yesterday and I managed to complete another four squares late last night whilst watching Last Resort.  One more juicy octagon to go today and then get stuck into joining all the octagons and squares cannot wait...and I will be able to submit the afghan to The Crochet Crowd Club for the giveaway before the deadline.

ok then...see ya soon...Bella (Bella means beautiful in Italian)

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