Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Octagon & Square Afghan


I have succumbed to a new afghan pattern after looking at the pictures of others completing there's on The Crochet Crowd @ Octagon & Squares Throw Club (on Facebook).

The pattern comes free from Red Heart. 
Also Mickey has three videos on YouTube to teach you how to make the octagons,squares and how to put the afghan together.

There is a competition/giveaway..more details here.  

There is still time to crochet one the deadline is 20th March 2013.

So here I go....I started yesterday..just randomly choose the 4 colors that are needed for the Afghan, but not necessary..

The colors I choose are.   Red, orange, yellow and two variegated colors.

So I did samples and this is what I came up with.

Today I am working on the squares (they are done, yapee, only 12, took two days)..
The tutorials are fantastic, easy to follow and remember so I can crochet without looking at the pattern and flows much quicker..

Now I am working on the octagons, the center of them..

Would be great to finish before the deadline, I think I can do so and be part of the competition/giveaway.
I will see how I go....

If you would like to crochet this beautiful afghan...have a go and join the club..follow the links above.

ok for here in Aussie in the 30's Celsius all week...yuk

Anyways have a Fantastic Day

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